A Legendary French Fashion House Returns

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"In the '60s, André Courrèges was one of the most copied designers on the planet — though his fashions at times seemed like they came from another world. Along with his contemporaries Paco Rabanne, Rudi Gernreich, and Pierre Cardin, Courrèges was a staunch futurist. His Sputnik sweethearts were clad in abbreviated A-line skirts, go-go boots, and the kind of sunglasses that declared, "unobscured vision is for squares." Some found the vision infantilizing: In 1964, the Associated Press sniffed,"The current pride of Paris, André Courrèges, stops just short of diapers in giving age-conscious American women the youngest collection of clothes ever cut in adult sizes.” The article was a reaction to his Moon Girl collection, in which the models wore baby bonnets. In 1965, Voguewondered, "Is Courrèges Wearable?"

By The New York Times' Cut Magazine

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