Opening Ceremony SS15

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Making fashion fun again:

For [Opening Ceremony's SS15] collection, Humberto and Carol thought back to when they were kids who loved fashion but weren't in fashion. They used to pool hop together and laugh, and of course it's that youthful bond that translated so well into their ultra-successful adult collaboration. 

The play was a meta (Carol and Humberto were characters along with Lisa Love, and Karlie Kloss played herself) riff on the fashion pre-show process, from casting to fittings and press previews. In the second half, both the designers and models become disillusioned with the grind and self-important inconsideration in the industry (sorry, industry) and long for when they first discovered the transformative power of fashion in its purity. It was a close-to-home reminder for the audience, and fittingly the finale was a song-and-slapstick-dance rendition of Drake's "Hold On We're Going Home." The play was a living example of the creative symbiosis fashion has within Hollywood, outside of just dresses shipped to actresses to wear with Louboutin heels. Everyone on stage seemed to be there for the fun of it, to share new clothes in a completely new way. Via Dazed Digital

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